These pictures were taken at Inishmore which is one of the Aran islands .  We took a ferry from Galway and rented bikes once we got out there.  It was a perfect day to go.  Sunny with a much loved cool breeze.  We were absolutely exhausted by the end of the day and fell asleep on the ferry back.  So worth the blisters and sore legs.

This is the view from Dun Aonghasa which is a fort built on the edge of a cliff on the highest point of the island.
Jill fell into some gross brown water.  I first asked if she was ok and then told her not to move so we could get a picture.
We climbed the rocks at the beach.
In the middle of the huge rocks were little caverns where you could see the water rushing in from the ocean.  They were so deep and surprisingly unnoticable as you are walking along.  Jill had to point this one out to me; otherwise I would have walked right by it.


  1. amazing photos of you guys. Can't believe how close to edge of cliffs you were. Must be beautiful though. What a nice trip for you Neesha. Can;t wait to hear more when you get home. After you rest of course. look forward to more pictures.

  2. holy crap, I can't believe that place actually exists- looks like an awesome trip!

  3. 1st comment is from mom forgot to say that.