A Jaunt Through the Park

Sunday:  Crystal and I decided to go to the meeting in Dublin.  We looked the address up online and talked to the receptionist at the hotel we were staying at.  It only took two bus rides in high heels and skirts to make it to the area the Kingdom Hall was in.  Following the bus drivers directions we started walking.  And an hour later we were still walking.  Admitting we were completely and utterly lost we asked a local for directions who pointed us in the direction of the park.  "Go straight through," he said "and it's on the other side."  While walking along busy roads in high heels and skirts was awkward enough, nothing compared to walking through the park while a large group of young rugby players walks past you.  They must have just finished their game as we came up.  I asked Crystal to turn around so I could get a picture of her with the players but she politely declined.  The local was right and we found the Kingdom Hall...about 10 minutes before the meeting was over.  But at least we got to sing a nice song before the long journey back to our hotel.

At least the guys were nice.

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  1. Next time I hear a story at an assembly or meeting about how other witnesses have to treck thru marshes and stuff to get to their meetings, I'll think of you and crystal and your determination as well.